Industry Standard Design Programs

Architectural Design Professional Course

Architectural design refers to the synthesis of art and technology related to construction, and is a discipline that spans engineering technology and humanities. Architectural design is an art, but not a pure art. The research objects of traditional architecture include the design of buildings, groups of buildings and interior furniture, landscape gardens and the planning and design of cities and towns. With the development of the construction industry, landscape architecture and urban planning have gradually differentiated from architecture and become relatively independent disciplines.

We recommend the following schools: Cornell University; Rice University; Syracuse University; Rhode Island School of Design; AA Architectural Association; University of Southern California

Interior Design Professional Course

Interior design in Europe and the United States is different from architecture and environmental art design. It involves small-scale structural planning, space division and reconstruction, from physical division to software decoration to the life reconstruction of space. A wide range of interior design areas include: public space planning, such as airports, shopping malls and specialty stores, museums, theaters and other interior design, as well as small architectural design such as private residences.

Our recommended schools are: Pratt Institute of Design; California Institute of the Arts; Rhode Island School of Design; New York School of Visual Arts; Chicago Art Institute

Graphic Design Professional Course

Graphic design, also known as visual communication design, uses “vision” as a way of communication and expression, and creates and combines symbols, pictures and text in various ways, so as to make a design for conveying ideas or messages Visual performance. A graphic designer may use expertise in typography, visual arts, typography, and more to achieve the goals of a creative project. Graphic design can usually refer to the process of making (designing) and the final finished work.

Our recommended schools are: Cornell University; Rice University; Syracuse University; Rhode Island School of Design; AA Architectural Association College; University of Southern California

Industrial Design Professional Course

Industrial design is the design of various industries (such as furniture and household goods, electronics industry, automobile industry, etc.) using the concept of aesthetics, but it does not only refer to the design of industrial processes, but focuses on the functionality and functionality of products. Design activities in terms of beauty and the overall environment, including the overall appearance of the product, the relative position of various details, colors, materials, sound effects, and human factors engineering when the product is used, so as to enhance the affinity and usability of the product An applied art.

Our recommended schools are: Art Center College of Design; Rhode Island School of Design; Carnegie Mellon University; CalArts; Pratt Institute of Design

Animation Design Course

Animation design refers to all visual dynamic image design. Generally, animation design majors in North American universities are divided into professional departments such as character animation and experimental animation. It is a major that covers a wide range of areas and has strong commercial value. University major courses: 2D video, 3D video, character design, film and television editing courses, post-production special effects and other courses.

Our recommended schools are: California Institute of the Arts; Art Institute of Chicago; Shelton College; New York School of Visual Arts

Fashion Design Course

Fashion design belongs to the category of arts and crafts, and is divided into men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, underwear, and shoes and hats accessories. Employment orientation after graduation: high-end private customization; international brand clothing enterprises; independent brand development; luxury management; fashion marketing, etc.

Our recommended schools are: Parsons School of Design; Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design; New York Institute of Fashion; Rhode Island School of Design; Otis College of Art

Illustration Design Course

Illustration, also known as commercial illustration, is an art design method that uses patterns to express images. Illustration is an art form, as an important form of visual communication in modern design, with its intuitive imagery, real sense of life and appeal of beauty, it has extremely high commercial value in modern commercial brand promotion.

Our recommended schools are: Rhode Island School of Design; Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design; New York School of Visual Arts; Art Institute of Chicago; Maryland Institute of Art

Jewelry Design Course

Jewelry design is a kind of designer. In terms of international scope, it is generally classified as “clothing accessories design”. Jewelry design is a relatively small design profession. People are no longer satisfied with the value preservation function of jewelry. They have gradually turned jewelry into accessories and accessories to express emotions and show themselves. Therefore, the requirements for design and shape are becoming more and more high. After graduation, students can set up a personal design studio to become a designer, a jeweler, a designer of fashion accessories, or a designer of an international jewelry company.

Our recommended schools are: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design; University of the Arts London; Pratt Institute of Design; Rhode Island School of Design; Otis College of Art