White Horse Review: Taking you into Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is the pioneer of the American Academy of Art and Design and has a long history of 139 years. RISD enjoys a high reputation in the art world, and insiders believe that it can be as famous as Yale in the United States.

Teacher Baima first gave some basic information about the colleges and universities for the “little whites”:

Geographical advantage

RISD is located in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. It is about a 3-hour drive from New York City and a 45-minute drive from Boston. It is the birthplace of four universities. This includes RISD’s “good friend” – Brown University, an Ivy League school. Therefore, the two schools share common social, academic and community resources, and students can choose courses between institutions. It is rare to apply for one application and get into two famous schools (of course, it is very difficult to apply for a double degree, and only about 15 people are admitted to a double degree every year on average)! As the place with the most artists in the United States, Rhode Island has a strong cultural atmosphere and a large number of museums, but the most famous one is the art museum founded by the Rhode Island School of Design. It has more than 80,000 collections, spanning Chinese and Western ancient and modern.

Open a major

Undergraduate Majors: Apparel Design, Architecture, Ceramics, Film/Animation/Video Production, Furniture Design, Glass Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Jewelry/Metal Design, Oil Painting, Photography, Printing, Sculpture, textile design

PS: BFA is 4 years, MFA is 2 years (1 or 3 years in some cases), and architecture majors need to be completed in 5 years!

Academic atmosphere

Rhode Island School of Design offers 19 departments for students to choose their majors to study. Popular departments include: Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, etc. The college attaches great importance to the basic skills of students. In the first year foundation course after admission, the school will require students to take design courses, such as graphic design, three-dimensional design, sketching, hand-painting, etc. Rhode Island School of Design Pay attention to manual practice, so as to train students’ solid basic skills and thinking methods of repeated deliberation. The professors of the college focus on the creative process through rigorous studio courses; in the process, they will provide superb feedback to motivate students to create innovative works with a strong personal style. Once students have mastered a variety of materials, they develop their own artistic perspective and acquire independent problem-solving skills. Many people in the United States say that studying at RISD is equivalent to having great opportunities for excellent resources, teachers, equipment and employment.

(p.s Many graduates of Baima, after returning from vacation, told Baima teacher about their university life “There are a lot of homework, a lot, still a lot… There are really not many opportunities for pure painting in college, and most of the time is handicraft “)

Art education at RISD is unique in that there is a deep, trusting relationship between teachers and students. They encourage students to break through themselves, use new ways to learn, think and observe, redefine problems, and criticize the shortcomings of traditional methods. The college cooperates with major brands and companies. Many people say that studying at RISD is equivalent to having great opportunities to obtain excellent resources, teachers, equipment and employment. Students who graduate from here can create a new world in their respective fields.

Application requirements

Undergraduate students: TOEFL 93, IELTS 6.5, SAT; application forms, transcripts and letters of recommendation are required.

Graduate students: TOEFL recommended 100, IELTS 6.5, recommended GPA3.0 or above, recommended to submit GRE scores; need application form, transcript, recommendation letter, resume, motivation letter, etc.

Portfolio: submit via SlideRoom

The era of bicycles that has remained unchanged for thousands of years has finally come to an end, and Rhodes Island’s independent proposition has been updated! I don’t know how many families will be happy and how many will be sad? In 2015, Baima Art and Design Center learned of the change of the proposition at the first time, a full month earlier than the official website! This is thanks to our little capable people in Baima!

Expiration date

  • Undergraduate starts September 1
  • Early Decision: November 1st
  • Rolling Decision: February 1st
  • Graduate students start September 1st and end January 10th
  • Transfer students start September 1
  • Fall admission: March 15
  • Spring Enrollment: November 1st

School History

RISD was built during the industrial revolution when the textile industry and the metal jewelry industry rose. In order to comply with the trend of “applying the principles of art to commerce and handicrafts”, the founders chose to use “Design” instead of “Art” to show that RISD is important to the economy. , The importance of industrial development. But at the same time, the founders also emphasized that “Art” and “Design” are equally important in RISD’s educational philosophy, and students need to have both the ability to appreciate art and create art.

Employment trends

According to the data from the RISD Employment Center in previous years, 96% of the graduates were employed within one year, 2% of the students chose to continue their education and obtained a higher degree; about 70% of the graduates were employed in this major or related majors. (The above data is only for the statistics of students with US passports and green cards)


whadc (white horse art & design center) was established in Vancouver, Canada, and is a professional art training institution for studying abroad. We carry out overall university planning and training, text enhancement and style adjustment according to the different preferences of the students based on the foundation and requirements of the students, and develop a portfolio that meets the application requirements of overseas institutions, covering architecture/landscape/space design; jewelry and clothing design; graphic illustration design; product design and other art design majors.

In 2015, the brilliant record of our centre won 3 offers from parsons, 2 offers from ual Saint Martins in the UK, and more than 40 offers in total!